Burned Out At Work

Day 21| Paid: $2406.77 | Remaining Debt: $61150.11

No Uber This Week

My supervisor is out sick (not covid) and things are a mess all around work, so I have been working longer hours this week to help cover, and as a result I am been stressed and exhausted after work. Combine that with a snowstorm and terrible promotions from Uber and I found myself not driving at all this week. In some ways it feels terrible not getting out and getting it done, but I know I have to take care of my physical and mental health first. I will see a little bump in my paycheck due to the overtime I worked this week, but it won’t be much. Th

Debt Payments

This week I paid some more minimum payments. Another $162 for Payday Loan 1 and another $87.86 for Payday Loan 2. I also paid both my Affirm Payments and one Afterpay. For Affirm 1 I just have the February payment left, and Afterpay has one more payment due next week. Then I can finally cross those off and that cash can go towards closing the gap in my budget. I also paid $400 toward my car loan, which is the minimum payment plus a little extra since I am still one payment behind.

Overall it has been a pretty depressing week. My primary job has been long and stressful, and between that, bad weather, and crappy promotions I haven’t had the energy to Uber. And I spent a whopping $824.69 in debt payments. I also haven’t gotten a chance to write and share here, which I really enjoy, because after work I have been too tired to think.

Weekend Plans: Uber

One thing I am looking forward to is Ubering this weekend. My girlfriend has a friend visiting so I am taking the opportunity to drive as much as possible. Unfortunately the # Ride Bonus is horrible this weekend, at least compared to last fall, but there are some decent consecutive ride bonuses, so I am going to try to make up for my lack of driving all week.

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