Semi-Successful Uber Weekend

Day 24| Paid: $2406.77 | Remaining Debt: $61150.11

I would classify this weekend as semi-successful. I did not make as much as I hoped I would have, but overall it wasn’t bad.

I did 30 rides total over Saturday and Sunday. 15 each day. In total I brought in $255.71

$169.21 from Fares, which is an average of $5.64 a ride. The biggest fare was $14.75 for a 15.7 mile, 22 minute ride. Smallest fare was $3.31 for a 0.1 mile, 70 second ride.

$12.00 in Tips, from 6 passengers. 3 x $1 tips and 3 x $3 tips.

$74.50 in Promotions. $3 for 3-trip series, $6 for 3-trip series, $6.50 for 3-trip series, 2 x $4.50 for 3 trip series, 2 x $10 for 3-trip series, and $30 for 30 rides total.

Overall for 30 rides I was hoping for something a little closer to $300. Last year I could always count on close to $100 for every 10 rides on average, factoring in tips and promotions.

This weekend I tried to drive as much during the different 3 trips series as possible, and my goal was 30 rides, so overall I am pretty happy with the weekend. Lets see if I can get some more done this week before I leave for my trip this coming Saturday.

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