Another $219.91 Paid

 Day 14| Paid: $1370.27 | Remaining Debt: $61830.74 

Today I paid $52 toward Afterpay, $80.91 toward the first Affirm loan, and $87.86 towards Payday Loan 2. Total of $219.91, all of which were minimum payments on those debts. Still even though it was only the minimum it feels good to get those down.

Now Afterpay only has one more payment due in two weeks, and Affirm only has one more due in February. That will lower my monthly minimum by over $150 and help close that gap between my income and expenses.

If you noticed even though I paid $219.91 my total debt only decreased by $167.34 That is because for out of the $87.86 Payday Loan 2 payment, only $34.43 went to principal. The rest was pure interest. Damn high interest loans.

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